You’ll never rise above Human

Mistake!  OopsOne of the things that folks on the growth path have in common is the jump from challenge to the attitude “everything happens for a reason and the reason is good.”  When faced with adversity, we seemingly respond with open arms.

That default can be a cloak for actual feelings!  Sometimes we use a debilitating shortcut to the highly desirable outcome of acceptance.  However, if we bypass the emotional response, we negate our humanity and cause a disruption in energy.

This disruption can cause dis-ease, pent-up emotions, and other mischief.

Yes, we want to live in a space of acceptance and honor all that is.  Often, though, we don’t allow ourselves to feel the feelings that come from challenge, attempting to shoe-horn ourselves into a spiritual place and forgo the emotional response.

Once when I was in the middle of a large conflict and was attempting to make the jump to “normal” without experiencing the heartbreak, a spiritual advisor once told me:

“You’ll never rise above Human

And you will have moments that are unspiritual in nature.”

That statement can really activate the spiritual ego, which is the part of us that tricks us into thinking that we are more well-balanced or accepting than we are actually able to be.

What being fully human is embracing the lessons and the sensations no matter how uncomfortable they might be.  It is like when I remind a client to breathe, and he responds, “Yes, deep breath—So as I was saying…” Without taking the deep breath.

We must address the urge to forcing equilibrium, because it eventually rears its ugly head.  Instead, surfing the waves of sensations, including feelings, allows for us to fully express our humanity.  That is, after all, why we are here!

Your Assignment: Quietly relax for a minute and ask yourself these questions:

Have I rushed myself and my process to avoid feeling the feelings?  Are there some things that I need to express here and now?  How does it feel in my body?

Remember to breath through it. Allow your breath to carry you through your humanity and then to your lesson.

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