You Can Create World Peace

We all want to be a positive influence on the world around us. It is scientifically proven that we can do that, even if others resist our efforts!

We are very fortunate to be equipped with mirror neurons, which are involuntarily activated to mirror what is happening around us.

It is scientifically proven that if someone smiles at you, your mirror neurons are fired and your mind cannot tell if it is you or someone else smiling.

Anytime someone smiles at you and you accept their smile, it is hard not to smile. However, the will is very strong and can insist on not smiling back. It is in our very human biology to return the smile.

Mirror neurons are responsible for the infectious effect of yawns, positivity, and negativity. In short, we are all one.
While resisting the neurological impulse to smile is possible, it is a much less joyful way to live. You can know that when your smile is not returned, on some level, you are still altering someone’s day in the positive.

When you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you.
~Louis Armstrong

Your Assignment: When your smile is not returned, smile with even more love in your heart. Try smiling next time you walk down a street busy with hurried people. It is easier to smile without needing a response when we know that we are effecting change, whether others know it or not!


2 Responses to “You Can Create World Peace”
  1. Lawrence says:

    We think you will really enjoy the I Declare Wrold Peace project at Thank you for posting your positive article.

  2. BFitz says:

    Great article. This should be read by every restaurant operator in America…no…the world!

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