Why Drama is so APPEALING!

We live in a high drama culture!  It is so easy for us to slide into the culturally sanctioned pastimes of complaining and embellishing.

It stems from a very natural animalistic state that has been capitalized on through mass media, especially advertising.

Simply put, we have a primitive part of the brain, the amygdala*.  Its job is to keep us safe.  It discerns between a red light and a green, a kitty or a tiger, so that we may make a decision based on that information.

The problem is that we have overdeveloped its significance.  This happens with even a little encouragement from doom and gloom news or impossible standards sets forth by advertising.

Each time we get activated, it sets off a little adrenaline rush. Margaret Lynch calls is “negative pleasure.”  It is a known and habitual response.

Adrenaline is super addictive!  Even in these tiny doses that fire off when we are comparing ourselves to others, or others to how they “ought” to be acting, they can be exceptionally stimulating without us even knowing it.

Then you add in the dopamine, hormone of connection, when we are sharing our complaint with someone, and we have a recipe for drama!

No wonder on the street and waiting in lines the bulk of what is overheard is negative!  It doesn’t have to be so.  We can rise above, with some practice!

Your Turn:

Notice the next time that you are complaining or embellishing.  What are you getting out of it?  Are you getting a little negative pleasure?  Feeling more connected to someone at the exclusion of another?  Want to try something different?


*In yogic science it is called the “mind of discernment” or “negative mind”

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