What to Do When You Are Ready to Pull Your Hair Out?

I must have some kind of karma with AT&T because it seems that I cannot for the life of me, no matter how many times I call and speak to those very nice customer service representatives, I still am being charged for things that are not on my agreement (and getting my long distance shut down in the process—TWICE!).

My monkey mind screams, “This is not RIGHT!” “Unjust!” “I am going to take my service and go home!”
My tendency towards self-righteous indignation flares up and could easily lash out at the gentle souls who answer my call (after no less than a 30 minute wait time).

My cause is just. My evidence supports me and yet, I may not allow myself to go down the drama path and ruin someone’s day because of a tech glitch.

What I can do is in a calm yet determined manner state the facts, allow them the time to review my case and see all the supporting evidence, crack some jokes with them and then wait. And wait, and wait.

Breathing through the old pattern of blame and finger-pointing, I stretch my muscles of compassion, tolerance, and love.

This is my lesson. I am currently in limbo as I write this. I think that I may have been placed in the hold cue while the office was still open. I think in the 57 minutes that I have been waiting, they have all gone home for the day and I sit, hopeful, that one person’s sweet voice may appear in my headset before I finish writing.

Your Assignment: What are your hot buttons? What gets you really fired up? Next time that the heat gets turned up, can you sit back, breathe, watch your mind and maybe even crack jokes? What would it take for you to be able to do it? Even when the other party is completely in the wrong, can you relax and take it easy?

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