What it looks like when the rubber band snaps back.


When we stretch ourselves into being more expansive beings we approach or arrive at new heights of awareness and being.  At this point the ego often creeps in and tries to bring us back into a small and safe place.

I think of it as being stretched like a rubber band, and the ego responds with trying to bring us back to the old shape and size we once were.

Gay & Katie Hendricks call it the Upper Limit Problem when we are challenged to stretch into our highest good and it feels so terribly uncomfortable that we do one of two things:

1. Sabotage ourselves into staying small or

2. Face the discomfort of fear or trepidation so that we can raise the bar to the next level.

That trepidation can often feel like facing the risk of death, alienation, or personal ruin.

The instinctual part of us, the part that is solely concerned with survival, will constantly try to keep us from thriving because thriving dwells in the unknown and therefore, is a perceived threat.

Often when we really stretch ourselves, the discomfort can linger and the insidious nature of our instincts may raise the volume of the voices of self-doubt, guilt, blame or any number of other “survivalist” voices.

The ironic thing is that the instinctual or survivalist voices are actually death-affirming!

Simply by keeping us small, they contribute to the cycles that keep us unhealthy mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  When we listen to the voices that tell us we must stay as we are, we set ourselves up for a constant state of atrophy, one that will never allow us to thrive in the higher realms of intimacy, health, and open-heartedness.  That means that the alleged “survivalist” messages are actually death-affirming!

It is not easy, but it is worth ever single tingle of discomfort for you to transcend the ties that bind you in same-ness so that you may experience life to its fullest.

Your Assignment: This is the month for change!  The old cannot remain in charge and you will be feeling an itch or discomfort to expand yourself beyond the ways of being that no longer serve you or your relationships.  Stay the course, breathe and let your intuition guide you as you stretch into the divinity within you.  It is so much easier to do this divine work with the loving support of people who are on the same path.  Our Love and Light Monthly Community is waiting for you! Come to a community that supports your divine expression!

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