What is your bandwidth?

I have been talking to a lot of people lately who are experiencing an inner or outer call to be more expansive than they ever have been.  I am among them!

This is a wacky world that we live in and it demands that we grow to meet the challenges we face or whither into apathy, depression, or listlessness.  We get challenges from the outer world, but really, isn’t it our soul’s truth calling us to stretch into the amazing beings that we are?

World binary Art of Relationship

Here are some of the ways that we can identify when we need to expand our perspective, our capacity, and our courage:

  1. Irritation at others.  Do you feel like all would be great if people simply started acting right?
  2. Feeling victimized. This one is tricky, because when asked, everyone will say, “I’m not a victim.” Yet when we feel like the world has us over a barrel or wonder why these things “keep happening to me” we are lost in the subtle trap of victimhood.
  3. Feeling out of sync.  Do you feel less like your regular old self and wonder why you aren’t on top of your game?
  4. Easily thrown off balance. Are you finding yourself more reactive than usual?  Are you less able to be neutral or compassionate than you would like to be?

If the above are symptoms that you are experiencing, you are not alone.  The above are common requests by our highest selves to expand our bandwidth, not merely to withstand the pressure of the day, but also to thrive in a joyful and blissful existence.

When we expand our capacity to transcend obstacles, that same expansion allows for a deeper sense of being and subsequent happiness.

Your Assignment: Keep up!  Keep breathing and courageously going forward toward your purpose in life.  Boldly lean into the discomfort of expanding your bandwidth to allow for new expressions of courage, faith, trust, and bliss!

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