What I have learned from our brothers and sisters in Japan

The collective response of our Japanese brothers and sisters is awe-inspiring.  It is humbling to see the massive destruction and survivors emerging to contribute to the common good.

Here are some of the beautiful things that I have seen and deeply appreciate:

1.     That it is always possible to contribute. Not only is it possible, but also essential to be satisfy a human need.  One of the many examples is the 61-year-old man who collected beverages for the people in his area who are considerably older than he.  It can feel especially debilitating when one cannot offer contribution, however many of these survivors are creating an opportunity to express this human need and uplift others.

2.     There is always something that one can do to improve one’s situation. The many people who have carved chopsticks or bowls out of wooden rubble to give away,

3.     Beautification as a way of expressing reverence and gratitude. I am reminded of the Japanese aesthetic that gives an opportunity for appreciation through beauty, no matter how minute or inconsequential.

4.     No effort is too small. Many folks have already started clearing and beautifying tiny areas because they can start somewhere and expand out in every widening circles.

As I was reflecting on these lovely reminders this weekend, I asked how I might contribute to the energetic well being of our brothers and sisters.  Financial contribution is important, of course but also, I decided to active receive their great example and apply it to my life in the small way that I can.

I examined my self-imposed disorder in my inbox and decided to create beauty where that hadn’t been.

I also am grateful each time I turn on any electricity, my car, or the tap.

I am slowing down, taking small measures to improve my life and therefore be available to better serve others.

I am starting with my home and will move outward in ever widening circles.

How are you incorporating any lessons from our Japanese brothers and sisters?

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