What are you committed to? Ready to meet your potential?

What are you committed to?

I write quite a lot about the spiritual power of commitment.  Once we make a decision, in our heart of hearts, in every cell of our being, the material world begins to shift and create opportunities for this new way of being.

As I learn this on a deeper and deeper level, I can see what commitments I have made unconsciously, to serve limiting beliefs that serve neither myself, nor my loved ones.  I had the great privilege of teaching Kundalini Yoga and Meditation the other day.  As I watched the class transcend self-imposed physical obstacles, I was reminded that we are powerful beyond measure.

What holds us back is fear, complacency, and instinct.  I had an experience, in my heart where I really saw, felt, knew the limitless expansion that we have access to, if only we get out of our way.

I was humbled, as the fiber of my being was forever altered, yet my mind engaged in an attempt to go back to the small status quo.

Our relationships also carry this potential for limitless expansion. We are brought together to work out our human problems, help one another heal, challenge each other to stretch into our greatness.   It is a high impact sport, worth every tear, frustration, and ego confronting moment.  It also is not for the faint at heart.

I’m in, are you? Let us step out of our comfort zones together so that we may expand into our highest good and highest potential.  Arm in arm, we will guide each other courageously with full hearts to make our relationships, our reality, our world one that is more wonderful than our imagination could ever fathom.

Your Assignment: Just for this week, release a disempowering commitment that you have made that allows you to stay small.  It could be “There is never enough time, “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “I don’t have enough money.”  Try for one week to commit yourself to your highest good, no matter what. And then please share with us your commitment.

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