What are the Rules that are Ruling You?

Like it or not, we make decisions before we even have the use of language.  Situations occur and in our vulnerable state of infancy, we assign meaning to these situations.  Often, our instinctual selves derive messages that equal threat of death or great harm.  Those messages then become beliefs that can shape our lives until our last breath, if we are not aware of them.

A recent example from my own life is when I reviewed a certain area of my life and realized that I believed: “I am not supported”.  This realization was quite painful and when I stepped back, I saw how “unsupported” I had been throughout my life.

Next, I got really, really honest with myself and looked at how I had been creating this reality!  I was so shocked to see where I had been selling others and myself short so that this rule of mine could be adhered to.

I will tell you that it was a profound and humbling experience.  With this bittersweet realization came the freedom to make a decision to do things differently and do you know what happened?  Everything on the outside started changing.  People’s behavior actually changed—I didn’t have to do anything except make the decision and the universe started rearranging the outside world to support my new commitment!

I later did have to take a little action to back up my intention.  I called it “putting my money where my mouth is.”  While then new behavior was a bit uncomfortable, it was brief and out weighed the consistent discomfort of being a victim!

Once I realized I am not a victim, ever, I was then free to take responsibility for what dissatisfaction was occurring in my life.

What a relief! And, this stance is not popular.  In our culture, we are very good at blaming others for our misery.  The thing is, that if other people are the problem, then there is no hope for change.  When I realize that the problem lies within my perception or actions, there are infinite resolutions available to me.

Your Assignment:

Do you find yourself wondering why things always go a certain way? You will likely find that there are just a few main frustrations that plague you over and over again.  When the same annoyances occur with a different face or name, it is time to take a look inside where you have been taking opportunities to reinforce a rule that you have made.  It might be, “People are untrustworthy,” “I always have to do things myself,” or “Why can’t they just do things the right way.”  The good news is that you can shift this with a perception adjustment.  The other good news is that other people are no longer to blame.  Ready to be a little rebellious and break some rules for the greater good?

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