Valentine’s Season


I want to wish you a very Happy Valentine's Season.  Let us be in the mode of LOVE for all, especially ourselves. 

In this season, please be kind to yourself.  A great way that I do that is that I take myself less seriously!  And a great way to take myself less seriously is to be HOKEY!  It gets me out of the serious-grown-up-mode and into fun, fun, fun.

Speaking of hokey, I made a book for Vj for Valentine's Day.  It was simply index cards stitched together with a heart on the front.  Inside I wrote a few poems that I wrote on the plane home Friday.  It didn't take very long, but he loved the sentiment and that I MADE something for him.  To him, that means that I was thinking about him when he wasn't there and about how I could contribute to his life.


I also called some friends and family (I'm not done yet!) to let them know that I care.  Every Valentine's Day, I expand my meaning and expereince of the day.

It ain't just about romance.  It is all about LOVE.


I love you.



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