Turn RAGE into Outrage!

I recently wrote an article about my anger getting really activated on the BART.  If you didn’t read it, you can do so here.

Growing up, I did my best to be “good.”  I wanted to make as few waves as possible. That included, keeping my anger bottled up to the best of my ability.

As an adult, I turned a lot of that anger inward toward myself, which was like shaking up a carbonated beverage!  I was at risk of blowing all the time and took disastrous measures to ensure that it didn’t happen.

As I have grown and allowed myself to feel the full spectrum of my emotions, I continued to feel very uncomfortable with the idea that rage might be part of my experience.

I am human; therefore, I get to experience rage.

I love what Margaret Lynch and Rhys Thomas have to say about rage.  I learned from them that rage and anger are the most useful emotions because they fuel the energy of change.


They gave me permission to have my darker emotions and to channel them into something useful.  I could resonate with that.  I am driven to be useful.  It is my purpose on life, and if my rage could benefit someone or something else, I could begin to accept it.

What they suggested was take that rage and let it be outrage, the energy which transforms things that no longer work or serve.

I began to look at ways that I could channel the force of destruction to destroy old habits, feed my passions (like empowering men and women to make strong relationship choices), and serve others.

I no longer have to bottle up the rage and feel like a soda about to blow!  Now, I can breathe and feel what is happening in m body and what my highest self is asking for me to change.

I welcome you to do the same!

Your Assignment: Can you allow yourself to feel a darker feeling to see what attention it seeks?  Are you willing to breathe through it so that you get the message for change and growth?  Are you ready to be an excellent example to others and infect them with your passion?You may join our group as we practice this work together. Come to a community that supports your creative expression!

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