The Sublime Power of Witnessing

Sometimes when the rug feels like it has been pulled out from underneath our feet, all we need is someone to stand near us and be with us.
This simple and subtle act has hugely profound results for our hearts. When things are falling apart, a person who holds compassion in their hearts without any sort of agenda is a god-send.
The space that their compassion creates is vast and within that space, miracles can and do occur.
Sometimes we need a little more than witnessing, like commiseration, advice, or the reminder of a solution. Often times, we don’t even need that much. We simply need to be seen and heard through a space of true caring.
The underrated quality of “holding space” is also present in quantum physics. Simply put, “I exist because I am seen.” When people offer unsolicited advice, the message feels like, “You are broken, and I know how to fix you.” There is a big energetic difference between the two responses.
It is all too easy to get into this way of being with our families! We can easily slide in to the arrogant notion that we think we know what they should do. When we act from this position, we sow the seeds of disharmony.
This holiday season, are there people around you who simply need to be seen and heard rather than fixed? Are you willing to hold them, no matter how unruly they seem, in your heart with compassion?
Your Assignment: As you feel someone getting under your skin, can you take a breath and lean into what they are saying? Breathing in and out, can you listen wholly and at the end, keep breathing until they are truly done? You may ask, “Is there some way that I can support you?” Then watch them as their shoulders may lower and they take a big breath out. Whether or not they ask for help is of little consequence.

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