The Secret to Joy and Bliss

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The secret to joy and bliss

We all have a deep longing to belong to one another and to the community at large. However, at some point we get hurt and in order to feel protected, we create habits to guard ourselves.
I call this putting the clamp on the hose. If we restrict the experience of negative feelings, then we trick ourselves into thinking we are protected from them.

The problem with this is twofold:

1. The clamp cannot discern between “good” feelings and “bad” and therefore, all of our sensations are deadened. In fact, our humanity is deadened and unexpressed.
2. We aren’t truly protected. We live in a painful cave of self-imposed loneliness where the seductive illusion of control and safety keep us imprisoned.

Even when we are in relationship, the risks seem so high that it is tough for us to open up and lean into the moments of fear so that we can expand our capacity for joy.

When we can overcome those excruciating moments that sometimes feel so intense to be life threatening, we broaden our bandwidth to relish true community, partnership, and joy.

It is not easy, but it is worth leaning into.

Your turn: Are you willing to walk through moments of terror in order to have a deeper experience with yourself and others? Can you forgive yourself when you notice you are protecting or numbing yourself? What sweetness can you access so that you can truly connect with your own divinity and others?

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