The Gift of Hate-the nastiest four-letter word

No one wants to talk about hate, unless of course, they are talking about someone else’s hatred.

The thing is that hatred, while it is an excruciating experience, is one of the most useful emotions we have.

How is it useful?  Hatred is not the opposite of love.  Apathy is the opposite of love.  One must have a vested interest in the object of hate in order for them to care enough to hate.

What this usually means is that the object of hate is merely reflecting back at the hater that which they hate within themselves.

Hatred can be a pointer or an indicator for us to complete something that has been left incomplete.  It can be a call to expose a fear or heal an old wound.

It may be the signal that we need to forgive ourselves for being vulnerable when we were unable to protect ourselves.

No matter what they cause, those who activate hatred within us are gifts.  They show us those shadows that could use some light.  They show us how to further integrate our emotional natures instead of judging, denying, or repressing them.

Hatred, like any uncomfortable emotion invites us to “love the unlovable” as Gay Hendricks calls it.

We can do it, but it takes courage.  We can stop wars before they start if we listen to the inner war and answer its highest request.  The problem is, too often, we answer the human animal’s demand that we blame, project, and lash out.

Your Turn:

Are you willing to do a little heavy lifting and allow yourself to see and feel your darker emotional nature in order to give it the compassionate attention it craves?  Can you steel yourself for the momentary discomfort of feeling so that you may be more integrated on the other side?


One Response to “The Gift of Hate-the nastiest four-letter word”
  1. suresh says:

    Dear Amma,

    I am very happy to hear your advice from mail.I am not unhappy , and I worked out Yoga and meditation, My great ambition to built a good society in community .Now I am worked hard for it. I hop that Amma will support me.

    Your Loving Brother
    Suresh /

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