Here is some of the feedback that I received:

I came to you because I felt that Cathy and I were drifting apart in some ways. This became painfully clear to me when I realized I was looking forward to separate vacations as much or more as shared experiences. Because this was not the way I wanted our relationship to be, told Cathy how I was feeling and how I thought we needed help to rekindle the intimacy in our relationship. We contacted you because I believed Cathy and I would benefit from your help.

From the beginning, working with you exceeded my expectations. Two things about our time together stand out in my mind:

First, while I was initially skeptical about how effective a telephone consultation could be, I believe your focused, yet gentle and caring approach could not have been better had we all been in the same room. I always felt heard, understood, cared for and safe.

Second, I am extremely grateful for the ways in which you were able to improve our relationship by building intimacy in what appeared to be a simple yet obviously structured program. Even more important was the way you were able to help me with my relationship with myself. Years ago I learned something I had forgotten—my relationship with others will always be colored by my relationship with myself. I continue to use the tools you gave us.

Cathy and I are both enjoying our times together much more. We recently returned from a trip to Hawaii and we were very much aware of how much our time with you had made that trip even better.

Bill Hibler

Now that my husband and I have completed our Intimacy Building exercise, it feels like a good time to acknowledge the value that we have created for ourselves using your simple and practicable tools, along with your guidance in using them.

It would not have occurred to me 3 months ago that we would have been able to complete such an assignment, much less our discussion after reading our letters. I am happy to say that we both now know that we are committed to growing even more in love for the rest of our lives. We know, too, that we will continue to build on what we’ve learned about ourselves and each other with increased trust and patience but also with lightness and fun. The key will be to continue practicing the simple basics that we have learned thus far.

I also want to say that many of the things that I’ve learned about relating to the most important person in my life have had a great impact on the way I see and hear other people in my life. I’m amazed that some subtle shifts in my attitude have helped my stress level at work.

I can’t imagine how any other sort of “couples therapy” could be more effective than this has been for us!

Thanks and Namaste,


I knew from our first conversation that Sarah was the coach for me. I had done a lot of self-help and spiritual work but somehow, my romantic life had just not been clicking. Her warmness, practicality and openness all appealed to me and from our first session, she gave me coaching in “win-win” communication that has changed my life.
I discovered what I am open to in a relationship and what I am not. My boundaries are crystal clear and I now know how to release a relationship into the universe rather than to struggle to make it work.
I feel much more confident about expressing my authenticity instead of trying to twist myself into what I think someone else is looking for. I truly feel like a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders and not only that, but I am thinner and fitter than I have been in over 10 years. Thank you Sarah, so much.

Wilda Thomas, London, Ontario

I am going to be 60 in January, and this is the first time in my life, that I woke up, and felt good inside. I actually felt love for myself. I realized, at that moment, that in the past I would wake up , slip on my armor and arm myself with MY tools, (in order to survive.) They have become very heavy. I am happy to say that I have let go of them and feel good about myself, I am not afraid anymore and I love my new shiny tool box.

LG, Chicago

One of the things I want most in life is to have a strong, loving and empowering relationship with my partner. Working with Sarah for just one hour, I was opened up to a whole new approach for how to show up in my relationship. It has had an amazing effect. It has enhanced my ability to communicate during difficult situations, my ability to ask for what I need in a clear, concise and loving way, and my desire to love my partner the way he deserves to be loved. Relationships are what life is about and this has done wonders for mine!

Dani, Seattle

If you are at a stage in life where you want to get into a new relationship and/or you are already in a relationship… Sarah is an expert when it comes to this topic. Her stories are credible and relevant and humorous! Her techniques and tips are timely and appropriate and sustainable.

Pat Mussieux, Steps2Happiness Creator, London, Ontario

I no longer feel trapped inside my endless cycle of relationship failures. Sarah has opened my eyes to my old patterns and habits, and helped me transform how I make decisions into new ways of changing my life. Sarah helps me celebrate the victories I experience along the way and see how I have moved away from old patterns. My self talk about what I bring to a relationship has vastly improved, and I am able to see the true me, and affirm that for myself first and foremost….I have hope, and peace inside, the first in a long long time.

Glenn, Seattle, WA

Before working with Sarah, my partner Gretchen and I were losing hope in our relationship. It was as if we were speaking different languages and were unable to interpret each other’s needs, thoughts, and feelings. Sarah operated as our translator and helped us decipher each other, patching through the code needed for us to understand each other.

Through Sarah’s simple, positive and inspiring lessons, we now hold the key to our own success in our relationship. I have joyfully assimilated these tools into my being, and regularly apply them when communicating with my partner. We now have clear communication and are starting to drop the old negative patterns that were breaking us apart for several years.

Joshua, Seattle, WA

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