Tank Fillers and Random Acts of Contribution

helpWe are here on this planet to learn how to get along and help each other out.  When we are in alignment with this, all manner of miracles occur.

Last week, I got an opportunity to dance in a flash mob.  This has been a desire of mine since I was first introduced to the concept.  Every time I view one, I am moved beyond measure.  It strikes something in me at the Soul Level that manifests physically in goose bumps, laughter, and joyful tears.

When something like this occurs, I ask myself: What about this moves me in this way?  How can I be sure to access or replicate this in the future?

Here are a few of the things that I learned from the flash mob:

  1. There is so much power in a group that contributes to strangers in an anonymous way—with expectation of zero reward.
  2. This contribution feeds the soul of participants and observers in a supercharged way.
  3. The ripple effect of an event like this is huge. (See more below)
  4. When I clear myself of old hurts, I can create the space for other’s healing.

In an attempt to contribute to my fellow dancers, I brought some organic lollipops from home to the event.  We enjoyed the lollipops but I had brought more than were needed, so I took the remaining with me.

After I got to participate in the flash mob, I went to several public places and passed out the last of the lollipops to strangers with my heart overflowing with bliss.  All of the strangers were taken aback and very appreciative.  I felt like simple version of Santa Claus.  What I did had a sweetness to it but who I was being as I gave made the biggest impact.

At one point, a woman said that I was her fairy godmother that evening.  She had had the worst day and our brief interaction completely turned it around.

I was in the flow, completely overflowing with bliss.  I had taken care of myself to the degree that I felt as if I needed nothing and only had an abundance of love to share.

I feel so blessed to have created a life where I am rarely haunted by old hurts.  Because of that, it is possible for me to facilitate other’s healing.  My healing path  started from self-serving motivation to simply get out of pain but has resulted in a loving and powerful force beyond my imagination. It awes and humbles me.

Your Assignment:

What brings tears of joy to your eyes?  Can you create the time and space to fill that tank?  If you cannot access that depth of joy, what measures of healing do you need in order to create that space?

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