Support and understanding

It is quite disconcerting to me that we get so many messages that make it seem acceptable to criticize our mate. Pop culture, of course, is the biggest scapegoat for this, but what about those of us who play along and reinforce this?

We don’t watch regular television in our home.  We got very tired of the problematic gender roles and depictions of relationships that pervade the airwaves.

I know that these images sell, but I tire of the stereotypical shut-down male who hides things from his overbearing wife or mother.  Men are portrayed as simple-minded, unfeeling, conniving creatures who need to be corrected by their rigid and frigid wives.

Let’s focus instead on how we can support one another, conquering life’s problems as a team, not adversaries.  How we can challenge each other to be our best selves.  How we can speak the truth to one another in love.  It may not get good television ratings, but imagine a partnership like that, full of help, guidance, and cherishing.

When you feel some pent up energy, you can wrestle to get the tension out!  This exchange of energy can be a great way to connect and release, provided everyone plays fair.

Your assignment: Notice around you all negative representations of partners and relationships.  Neutralize it by becoming aware and saying to yourself, “That’s Interesting!”  In this way, you have a chance to opt out of participating in the game of disempowerment.  It is a huge step toward peace.  Let me know how it goes!


3 Responses to “Support and understanding”
  1. Bill Corbett says:

    Wondeful post Sarah. My wife and I made a solid commitment to each other, that we will be each other’s number one fan, whether it’s with other people or behind closed doors. My wife grew tired of the various women’s circles she found herself a part of, where the women spent most of the time bashing their husbands in front of each other. She withdrew herself from these circles and is not afraid to speak up and leave when a discussion turns that way. Thank you for your post.

  2. Well-said. Huzzah! My parents are coming up on their 50th anniversary, and you would never – and I mean never – hear them downgrade the other to strangers or even just friends. They may tease gently about the other – “Wally’s off golfing…again” or “Well, you know Earlene, she loves her solitaire.”, but they are small and simple teasings, that are actually said and meant in love. We need to learn this about all the people around us – be kind for kindnesses sake.

    Keep writing – this is great. oh, and I don’t watch the television either, unless I’m traveling and have nothing better to do – which is all to rare. :) Peace, Sheila

  3. Leisa Olson says:

    Great article Sarah. We have chosen to not have a TV in our home. We do watch movies on our laptops occasionally and my husband has been noticing the subtle slams against men, and once he started to point them out they became so much more obvious to me.
    I too have been in the company of women who bash their husbands.. it is so disrespectful, and how can they ever expect to have a happy relationship with such negative attitudes.
    Let’s all build and support each other!!

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