Strengthen Your Relationship Tip #4

One thing that can surprise us in a relationship is that heartache often still occurs.

Even though we adore our mate, we can still break their heart within our commitment to them.  This heartache can be from minor to huge.

Perception can help minimize the impact of the harm done.  We can “roll with the punches” much easier if we are in a safe and loving environment where our needs are generally met on a regular basis.  When we are getting our needs met the majority of the time, it is much easier to let little offenses slide.  Additionally, it is easier to let someone off of the hook for major offenses. 

Two things must be in place for this to be possible:

The relationship must be safe and loving.  Commitment must be a major focus of your efforts and ideals.

Second, forgiveness processes must be in place to allow effective and thorough healing to happen. 

This is not always easy.  Forgiveness can be really tough.  Especially if our habit is to regularly be offended or upset.  So much of what we bring to relationships is habit-based.  Learning a new habit of forgiveness, even in the face of real heartbreak, is a lifesaver.  It saves hours, days, and years of anguish.  With it, you can create the possibility of long-term happiness with a partner.  And the ego fights it tooth and nail.

Having a forgiveness process has enriched my relationship with Vj to no end. It allows us to set aside our egos and habits in order that we may experience the limitless potential for bliss in our relationship.

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One Response to “Strengthen Your Relationship Tip #4”
  1. What changed my life about forgiveness? My whole concept of forgiveness changed when I realized I had to forgive for my own sake, not for the sake of the one who hurt me.
    Coach Theresa Ip Froehlich

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