Strengthen Your Relationship Tip #3

Why to Be Together as a Couple

My husband, Vj, and I have done a lot of work on our relationship.  I want to be real with you:  IT IS OUT OF NECCESITY not virtue.  I am, historically, high maintenance and moody.  I have sought out answers to my many questions including: how do I have peace within? Or, how do I become an amazing partner?

Vj and I have found that when we get down to the “WHY” of it, why we are together as a couple, we have a solid bedrock for unity.  When we got clear about all of the reasons that we should be together and how we want that to look, we had an awesome tool to rely upon, especially in times of disharmony.

I saw an ad for a reality tv show where the husband asked his wife about all the things that she SAID she liked when they were dating.  She unremorsefully admitted to lying because she gloated that, “it worked.” She meant that she landed the guy and that was all that mattered. She had reduced him to a trophy because he was handsome, successful, and rich.  He, in turn, was left with a fallacy.

In a case like that, the “WHY” to be together is based on illusion and therefore, likely to fail.  When you come to an agreement that is based on more substantial terms, such as respect, support, unity, and empowerment, you are more likely to have a great relationship.  When you make an effort to be mindful of these terms on a regular basis, the road together is much smoother.

Vj and I will talk about this process and more on a free teleseminar on Tuesday.  See for more info.

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