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Are you frustrated by the dating game?

Do you feel like there are no “good ones” left?

Does it seem like finding a mate is easy for everyone but you?

Do you feel like your choices haven’t worked out too well?

In this Dream Mate Attraction manual, you will use powerful techniques to help you attract the person that is meant for you. You can shift from looking for a mate to receiving one.


We use 3 simple and effective tools to draw your Dream Mate to you.

  1. The power of ENVISIONING. The universe provides, but we must be specific in our request.
  2. The principle NATURE ABHORS A VACUUM. Creating space has profound results.
  3. SUMMON your Dream Mate with a tangible expression of love.

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Before I met my husband, I had done a lot of work on myself to get clear on what I wanted and to forgive the past. I was still unable to attract the right person for me. Searching, searching, searching did NOT work! I knew of no other way and I became so desperate, that I was seriously considering taking a vow of celibacy for the rest of my life!


There were TWO aspects of my circumstances:

  1. SHIFTING: I needed to replace old ideas of scarcity and lack in my romantic life. I also had to shift from someone who takes from the relationship to one who gives. In the following pages, we discuss practical tools to make that happen.
  2. CLEARING: I had to clean up the garbage in my heart and mind. I had to get real about who I was and how I had acted in the past before there would be room for new possibilities. Then I had to learn how to forgive myself and others. That work is too big and comprehensive to be discussed here. If you want more info on that process, please go here.

I employed these tools at different times in my life. One of them I did FIVE years before I met my husband! The shifting steps in this guide are an amazing supplement to the clearing work. I found that both the clearing and the shifting were essential for me to be ready for the love of my life.

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I did the work because I knew that forcing the issue wouldn’t work (from the numerous examples in my life and others!). A couple of the following methods I borrowed from mentors and adapted to my specific love purpose. The third one came from my intuition. I am sure you will find it in alignment with many spiritual practices.


I had worked on clearing the debris from the past but I had not shifted my limiting beliefs. The tools in this manual are immensely practical ways to retrain the mind into believing and living in a world where you can be happily committed in a mutually beneficial loving relationship.


The steps are easy and, when you take the time to do them with consciousness and an open heart, they are effective.


Using some tools that tap into the Law of Attraction can be like a Rocket Booster to the process of finding a mate. The Law of Attraction is essentially that “like attracts like,” and our thoughts determine our reality. This law works on the quantum level and you may read more about it in the resources section at the end of the manual. A key ingredient is GRATITUDE which allows space in your heart for more love to come in.


Give yourself this gift. It is a subtle way to effect profound change in your love life.


Dream Mate Manual
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If you have done things like this and think that they aren’t working, you may need to ask yourself if you have a barrier that is preventing you from being open to receive.

Barriers look like this:

  • Bitterness
  • Unwillingness to Forgive
  • Inability to Forgive
  • Limiting Beliefs (“no good ones left,” “not worthy of a mate,” etc.) that you aren’t ready to release.

If you have trouble in these areas, you will need to do a little work to make the room necessary for your loved one. I have a system that addresses these barriers, call me for a free consultation..


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