Spiritual Experience in Human Clothing

FreeAfter seven weeks of being apart, my husband, Vj, and I are reunited. Vj was away on business matters and I kept going with life in Seattle.

One of the most profound lessons from this time apart is this:

My relationship with my husband is wonderful, strong, and more meaningful than I ever thought was possible.  However, it does not replace the relationship I have with myself, my soul, and the divine.

It is through my relationship with Vj that I express the love that I have for myself.  This fact allowed me to be stable and thriving while he was away: I was full of faith, trust, and ease until he returned.

That said, there were moments where I felt a little wobbly!  When I did, I had a prescription of some very specific yogic tools to get me back on track.  It is very important to ramp up my support system in times when the illusion of certainty is stripped away. *

We eagerly anticipated our reunion, which can also cause some mischief!  There was a mild shock that each of us felt re-entering our old habits.  None of us are the same people we were last week, neither Vj nor I are the same as when we said goodbye seven weeks ago.  What that means is that we are subtly different because we each had been living according to our own routines.

Another valuable lesson that I learned:

Once he returned, I found that I shifted more into a needy role!  Some part of me thought, “Ok, now I can relax and he can take care of me!”  This insidious attitude is very damaging.  It sets him up to fail and absolves me of all personal responsibility.  In other words, a recipe for disaster.

Gratefully, I was able to catch myself in that mode.  I had a little chuckle at how convincingly my egoic mind’s argument was.  I also gathered some compassion for myself and the path that stretches me into a stronger woman.

Vj and I have Commitment as our number one unified value.  This is the strongest foundation that we can have.  It allows us to transcend the daily pettiness for the greater good of our relationship.

The journey has offered me so many opportunities to see how I am being in the world.  I don’t have to judge myself, I can observe, chuckle, and move on.  In the awareness lies a freedom from living from emotions and instability.  Instead, today, I can embody the human experience from a spiritual foundation.

Your Assignment:

This week, can you simply notice when you are off the beam and kindly redirect yourself to what serves your highest self?  What self-care needs to be in place for you to have a light hearted approach about your human qualities?

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