Singles, are you tired of:

  • Looking for a mate but you’re not sure why you’re not finding one?

  • Old destructive patterns?

  • Being frustrated with those around you?

  • Recreating the same relationship or situation over and over again?

  • Continue to having your needs UNMET?

  • Being Single when you see others in happy relationships?

I can help. I have been there. I used to think that my mate-picker was “broken” as someone told me. It was, since I was living out old ideas about who I thought I was, what I thought I was worth and what I thought I wanted. The good and bad news came to me: that I was WRONG. Bad because it meant I had to change in order for my life to change. GOOD because CHANGE WAS POSSIBLE.

With help, I got CLARITY about what I was doing to invite unhealthy relationships into my life. I obtained PEACE around my current situation. I then DISCOVERED what I really wanted. And then…

Within 6 months of really recognizing what I wanted in a mate, I ATTRACTED my husband! Our learning process has been amazing and you can read more about how to attract your ideal mate here.


I no longer feel trapped inside my endless cycle of relationship failures. My self talk about what I bring to a relationship has vastly improved, and I am able to see the true me, and affirm that for myself first and foremost….I have hope, and peace inside, the first in a long long time.

Glenn, Seattle, WA


My enhanced Make Way for New Love System is a multi-step course that we take together so that you can get clean from past habits and patterns, learn what you really want and get it!

  • Find your historical Love Currency and why it doesn’t work.
  • Learn to communicate with compassion without compromising your integrity.
  • See that you can have what you want without compromising your integrity.
  • Clear away limiting beliefs that sabbotage your happiness.
  • Get real on what you want in a mate.
  • Breaking up with consciousness.
  • Conscious parting and forgiveness.
  • Set everyone, including you, UP TO WIN!

For more info email us at Or give me a call and we can get started! 415-779-4267