Renaming and Reclaiming the Past

Mirror SupriseIt is all too easy to judge the past as good or bad.  What about choosing to simply leave duality behind and bless the past as a teacher?

I have returned to San Francisco where I lived throughout my twenties.  When I lived here before, I was depressed, confused, and emotional.  In short, I had very little to contribute to my community and felt very lonely much of the time.

Back then, I tried hard to have deep and meaningful relationships but every relationship is a reflection of how I relate to myself, so I was sunk.  I was so unhappy inside that I simply did not have the resources to express joy in outward relationships.

When I recently said my goodbyes in Seattle, the number of people whose lives touched mine overwhelmed me.  I was also amazed at how frankly friends and acquaintances spoke of the impact I had on them.  I feel very grateful that I had these very deep and meaningful connections in so many areas of my life!  I am grateful for the heart-squeeze that showed me I am an active and vulnerable participant in my life and the lives of others.  I am also grateful for the opportunity to see this in stark contrast to my past.

It is all too easy to blame others, a busy schedule, a partner, or simply fate for our unhappiness.  When we can shift from being victimized by an outward and uncontrollable force, then we can tap into the inner power to create new and unimaginably beautiful relationships with ourselves and others.

Your assignment: Every relationship is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves.  Is there friction or trouble in one of your relationships?  Are you willing to take a step back and see where you are expressing dissatisfaction with yourself?   Can you muster some new courage and compassion for yourself and the greatest good?  Do you need some additional help?  Simply ask and it will be given.

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