Preemptive Satisfaction Tip 1



We went to the Methow and attended a great wedding.  At the reception, we discovered ANOTHER way to better communicate!  So simple but it wasn't obvious until yesterday!


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  1. Karin Riggs says:

    Sarah – what a great blog post – first of all, beautiful surroundings – and such a beautiful message! Thank you for sharing, sometimes I get such a sense of connectedness with my friends, neighbors, colleagues, when I share my inner landscape and really listen to their experiences. It's funny how often we're all so similar – and perhaps feel that we are different. I was listening to Liz Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) talk about her new book, "Committed", and she was sharing with the interviewer from the NYTimes online (streaming video) how she listed in the new book all these flaws that her potential partner – soon to be husband – would have to endure. After listing 4-5 things the interviewer looked at her and said – Ah! All the things that the rest of us have. I laughed. Thanks for sharing your experiences. You Rock! Peace and Bright Orange, Karin

  2. Pat Mussieux says:

    Hey Sarah, love, love,love your tip (no pun intended) – fits right in with Step #5 in my '10 Steps2Happiness Home Study System" – which is, ASK for what you want! 
    It's not complicated…….hey, wait,…..isn't that the name of a great movie?!  LOL.
    You are so good at what you do – keep sharing those helpful tips – people need you!
    Pat Mussieux

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