Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

So many times we complain.  But how often do we look at what we are complaining about?  I used to be a big complainer-victim.  It was really hard for me to see it because I was too close to the problem (my p.o.v. was the problem!).  I started to see that I was really unhappy and that the outside world was all wrong.  Government, culture, personalities, you name it were to blame.  Then, I started to see that if all of those outside things were the problem, then there was NO SOLUTION because I did not have the means or power to change these outside things.  THAT WAS A PROBLEM.  It was also the solution.  Once I started to see that I created my reality by the choices I made, I started to become free. I learned that I taught people how to treat me!  I learned that when people are annoying or troublesome, they are just being people!

I learned that if I wanted a loving relationship, I had to act in a way that was LOVING, RESPECTFUL, and KIND.  I thought I knew what that looked like.  But when I really examined my motives, I saw that my kindness had ulterior motives like leverage to get what I wanted.  That was a humbling lesson.  I had to learn from outside sources how to be unconditionally loving and then I could attract all kinds of good people and situations into my life.  It worked.  My friends are awesome.  My marriage is super.  My life is inspired and sweet.  I hope the same for you. I hope that you have loving people who elevate you and lead by great example like I was fortunate enough to have.  Good luck!


One Response to “Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes”
  1. Sarah, thanks for the post. I agree that it is all about your perception. There are some things you might not be able to change. On the other hand, what can change is your point of view. Changing from a negative to a positive perception is empowering and life changing.

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