No such thing as good and bad

What?  Our minds are constantly evaluating all things around us and within our thought environment.  This is good, that is bad.  She is right, he is wrong.

This constant discernment is a part of our primitive mind running amok.  It is like giving the car keys to a toddler and letting them drive us around.

Yes, we need to be able to differentiate between some thing, however, we have taken this ball and run with it to a detrimental level.

“There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so”


When we are able to observe, rather than judge, we give ourselves a wider scope of experience.  We allow for the miraculous to occur within and around us.  Instead of limiting ourselves to what we think we know,  we can open up to a wised range of feeling, experience, and lessons.

Your Turn

The very next thought that you have, can you leave it as it is instead of judging it?  Can you open yourself up to what it could be if you left it as neutral? The possibilities are endless!


One Response to “No such thing as good and bad”
  1. I guess it is your intentions that matter and is as important as your actions..and of course your conscience
    and emotions that are involved in what is good or bad.

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