Lowest Common Denominator

relationship coaching Looking back at my own life, I see how over and over again, I set myself and others up to fail by dating someone simply because they had interest in me.  That was selling myself so short.   I see this theme played out in films and television over and over again.  A girl or woman goes out with a guy, simply because he has interest in her.

Without carefully reviewing one’s own needs and desires, this is setting oneself up for failure.  This behavior is a direct result of low self esteem.  There is an inherent belief that we have no needs that are worthy of being expressed.  How sad!

I work with clients all the time who are very murky about what they want.  Dreaming big seems like a pipe dream, or reserved for other people.  When we go ou with someone based solely on the fact that they asked, we have the potential of missing out on so much of the richness of connection.

When we don’t address our needs, we are like limp noodles that are tossed around according to someone else’s whim.  In extreme cases, it can set one up for abusive relationships.  On the other hand, it can simply be annoying for the person who would like to hear about and see to your needs.

When one is clear about his/her needs, then they become more magnetic.  This is an active position and is energetically attractive.  It takes the guess work out of dating.  When one is crystal clear about what one wants and needs in a relationship, then the pool becomes much much smaller, yes, but it beomces healthier, and more realisitic.  It moves us out of the realm of scarcity and into the realm of purpose.

Remember, all one needs is ONE partner.  If you can get clear about what you need and want, then you don’t need to go shopping for that mate.  He or she will come to you!

Your Assignment:

Review what it is that you really want and need.  This can be in a present relationship or, if you are single, a future one.  Assess how welll have you been able to satisfy those needs.  Have you been seeling yourself short?  Have you been unture to yourself about what these really are?  If so, you are one among many and know in your heart that there is help available to you.

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