Happy Relationships are your BIRTHRIGHT!

Not only that, they are your DUTY as a Change Agent!

Experience the True Depth that Love and Connection
can have, in an environment of Support, Love, and

A Love Letter to All those seeking their Heart’s call for the true connection that we were all sent here to experience…

Whether you are Single or in a Relationship, you know that relating is a High Contact Sport!

We all experience pain due to the disconnect between what we dream is possible and what is really happening in our connections.

Happiness in Love is not reserved for other people, it is your birthright.  You were put on this planet for the good of all involved, and that includes being a divine example of bliss and harmony, in all areas of your life.

If you are like I was, you know that there is the potential for deep connection, yet get stymied when you try to make things happen, either in a potential relationship or the one you are currently in.

That is truly painful, I understand.

It is painful because we feel like we are missing our soul’s true calling, to love and be loved unconditionally.  We all have at least a burning ember of hope that BIG LOVE is possible, and when we are unable to realize that potential, we experience loss, isolation, and despair.

Thanks to Sarah, Our toolbox is full of forgiveness methods, means to conflict resolution, and ways to let go of the past that is keeping us from growing and moving forward into the divine life we each deserve as individuals and in a partnership.

Gretchen Heying


You can know the freedom of have a toolbox, full of easily accessible tools that allow you to seamlessly transmute conflict into closeness, guardedness into true intimacy, and isolation into connection.  It is really very easy.

However, if you are like most people, you can learn something intellectually, but need the power of accountability, community, and practice to really integrate the use of new uplifting tools into you daily practice, your way of being and your nervous system.

That is why I have created a no barrier monthly program for all those who have the deep desire for amazing relationships but feel pressed by time or financial constraints.

You deserve to be happy and in love.  It takes a village to keep a relationship going.  Allow the Art of Relationship Community to support you and your relationships in all that life brings.

Can You Relate to These Relationship Problems:

  • Continue to find yourself in the cycle of not-quite-right relationships
  • You are committed but tire of petty bickering or arguments
  • Feel like your relationship is good, and don’t feel it can be the BEST
  • Wonder why a catch like you still doesn’t have a mate
  • Given up on Love?
  • You and your partner seem to talk only about logistics and rarely feel close anymore

You know the effect that a happy person has on others.  It is infectious!  A happy person brightens everywhere they go, they bring peace and harmony to the energetic fields of all those near (and often, far) to them.

You also know how draining it is to be around unhappy or blah people.  The pain of relationship troubles has a very negative ripple effect in one’s home, work, family, and realm.

You are here because you desire to be that FORCE FOR GOOD that your own happiness creates.  You are driven to forge peace in your corner of the world.  We are here to support you in your mission!

I realized, that in the past I would wake up , slip on my armor and arm myself with MY tools, (in order to survive.)  They have become very heavy. I am happy to say that I have let go of them and feel good about myself, I am not afraid anymore and I love my new shiny tool box.
Lois, Chicago

relationship coach

Welcome to The Art of Relationship Love and Light Monthly Program. Here you will get hot-off-the-presses new content in a live format via conference call and the internet.

Topics include:

  • How The Art of Giving and Receiving has EVERYTHING to do with Relationship Success
  • How to Get Along With Crazy People
  • What to do When Your Partner is Acting Out
  • Learn How to Forgive Yourself and Others
  • What You Can Do To Overcome the Stories That Block You From Love and Support
  • And Many More!

And Guess what else?  The power of group consciousness gives your healing a quantum leap—reducing your healing and growing time, often to instantaneous!  In this spirit, included in your monthly membership is a monthly one-hour coaching call with the Art of Relationship Community.

So JOIN US! On this journey of healing our planet and creating world peace through your own mended and UPLIFTED relationships.  Allow this community to give you the support to bring your life and love to the next blissful level.



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Your Evolutionary Partner in World Peace, and with great love and reverence,


Sarah Anma came into my life at the perfect time. Her relationship coach program is unique and effective. She provided tools, knowledge, words, ideas, and tested methods to help me navigate relationship in a healthy, loving way. Sarah steps up for her clients and over delivered the whole time I worked with her. I highly recommend Sarah on many levels whether you need a relationship coach, a business mentor or a supportive, nonjudgmental, grounded figure, she is the person to connect with. Sarah is passionate about what she does, full of brilliant ideas, and knows she can make a difference in the world.

H, Seattle

My wife and I have gotten an immense amount of progress in our relationship because of our work with Sarah.  Initially I wanted just to have my wife “fixed” but now I see how I can positively impact our relationship.  We are interconnected and how I communicate and love her has a tremendous affect on how she feels, acts and operates.
Craig, Seattle

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