Limiting Beliefs

HeartLimiting beliefs can really hinder us from having out optimum experience.  These belief disguise themselves as “reality” or “safety precautions” but they only hem us in from our biggest selves.  It is our DESTINY to be healthy and happy and this includes OUR RELATIONSHIPS. 

Take a few moments to identify and write down your limiting beliefs.  Go over each one and give thanks for the serving its purpose and then exhale it out!  Release it to make room for a new experience.  If it crops up again, you have the power of awareness and can address it as something apart from you and tell it to mind its own business!  Again release it through your breath and offer yourself a new version of yourself.  Dream big for yourself and your love life.  Anything is possible! 

Please share with me your experience. Thank you to those who shared with me last week.  At the end of July, I will do a drawing from all those who submitted feedback.  Whoever wins, will get a relationship question of their choice answered in the ezine!


One Response to “Limiting Beliefs”
  1. Sarah, You hit the bull’s eye about limiting beliefs. I see that in myself and in many others. I find, though, these limiting beliefs are often blind spots. We don’t see how these beliefs bind us until someone points them out. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this subject.

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