Life is too Short


I was driving down the street, mulling over an impasse that Vj and I had just had.  Grumbling to myself and wondering when he was going to straighten out (!), I was jolted back to the present by a series of emergency vehicles and EMTs working on a fallen bicyclist.

My blood ran cold.  More often than not, Vj rides his bike for fun and transportation.  We live in a hectic city.  It could have been him, even though I knew I’d left him a few moments before back at home.

One of the best ways to I know how to get out of conflict is to really truly get in touch with the reality that life is too short to hold onto pettiness.

It is a bit of a shocker, but if something were to happen to one of us, would I really want that petty dispute to be the last energetic exchange we had?  Of course not!

I saw a clip of some sisters who’d held grudges against each other for almost 2 decades.  The death of one of their sons reunited them and they felt such remorse for that wasted time.  They were very lucky to have the insight at all.  To humble oneself enough to build a broken bridge is a miracle.  The monkey mind protests it to the last degree.

When our highest self can step back and release the need to be right, we are godlike.

Your Assignment: Is there a grudge that you just can’t shake?  Is your need to be right overshadowing your highest nature?  Are you willing to take the high road?

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