It’s only a leg (Um, no it isn’t)

The calculated poses of Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, and Angelina Jolie at last night’s Oscar Awards Ceremony are abuzz all over the internet.

With good reason, too.  One wonders, “What is the motivation behind objectifying oneself?”

The cynic might say that they know where their paycheck come from and want to ensure that they keep coming.  After all, as one viewer in response to the backsides of Jennifer and Cameron, “That’s why they were asked to present!”

A pop culture enthusiast might say, “Awesome!  How wonderful!” with admiration and perhaps some envy. As one friend said, “I thought that it was cute, but maybe that is simply because I am programmed to the sexualization of women.”

I choose to believe that these three smart women are subverting the norm.  In my heart, I hope that their over-the-top pranks are meant to provoke us into questioning the system of objectifying women’s bodies for profit and the long-term harm it does to the adoring and emulating fans.   By bringing it up to an absurd level, we are shocked into examining a system making women’s’ bodies more important than their talents, their humanitarian efforts, and their hearts.

And maybe I am simply a dreamer.




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