How long have you been studying relationships?

Well, all of my life, really. I didn’t really “get” how people did it: communicate their needs, make self and others happy, and interact from a “win-win” perspective. It was out of fear, really, but that fear inspired me to try something different. I have been diligently and consciously studying relationships for more than 10 years.

What is your approach?

My approach is simple. I found through so many master teachings some very simple tools that, when implemented, can have very profound results. The profound comes from the subtle! I never knew that before! I thought it all had to be so complicated, since it was all a mystery to me. I have created 2 very simple and highly effective systems, one for Singles and one for Couples.  I go through these systems A to Z with my clients and then they have the power to create the happiness they always wanted.  I love a system!  Give me something simple, repeatable, and has major results and I am happy.  I give the same to my dear clients.

Who do you work with?

My clients are amazing.  The people who are drawn to do this work take a no excuses approach to their lives and want the absolute best.  There are two types of clients that I work with:

1. I work with individuals and couples who are in a committed and loving relationship and ready to be set free from old tired habits that bog down the love and connecting aspects of their relationships. They are committed to having the best possible relationships and also willing to make changes in their actions, behaviors and perception.

2. I also work with Singles who are in any of the 3 steps of:

  1. Tired of failed relationship.
  2. Committed to figuring out what they want and how to get it.
  3. Willing and open to find the love of their life.

Who do you not work with? I don’t work with people who are stuck in the blame game, who aren’t willing to do things differently, or aren’t committed to living life from a win-win position. We see when we want to see, if someone is stuck but unable to see the need for change, I understand that. Sometimes I am the right coach but it isn’t the right time. I do have options for those people and they can always call me when their situation has changed.

What is the difference between you and a therapist or counselor?

I am the person to come to for tools. I believe that some emotional relief can come from counseling but my personal experience, after years of therapy myself, is that I never learned a thing about how to attract the right person, to be a great partner or to be happy in my relationship. The work I do gives people practical tools for today and the future.

What results can people get from working with you?

The most important thing is peace. Peace with who and where they are in this time and space. That comes from letting go of the past, letting go of limiting beliefs, forgiving, replacing tired old habits with new and uplifting ones. An important service that I provide is that I easily impart all that I have learned through so much work, research, training and implementation how to be the person I always wanted to be in relation to others. My systems get huge results. I help others simply and effectively clear out the garbage to let love in! I also have some sweet shortcuts that act as a rocket booster to the work that I do with clients so that they can break through to unimaginable happiness!

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