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Sarah Anma

A Vision of Love with Sarah Anma, Relationship Mentor

February 24th, 2010
  1. What does the word Love mean to you?
  2. Love is truth. It is not ego, pride, selfishness or lust. It wants for nothing. It wishes the best for all and never presumes to know what that is.

  3. Have you ever felt like love was missing from your life? (How do you handle these periods of time?)
  4. Yes, An amazing person that I know said this is response to my complaint of loneliness:
    “Loneliness is the heart’s cry for a relationship that does not count on another human being.”  It struck me like a mallet.  I realized that I was placing my happiness on other people.  What I did to handle it was:
    1. learned to meditate
    2. Learned what I wanted in a mate and how to stop attracting the wrong person
    3. How to be an amazing mate when I got him!
    4. Meditate more, especially when the feelings of love-depletion kick in.
    5. Teach others what I learned and help them transcend loneliness and love-scarcity.

  5. What is the biggest way you see that love (or the lack thereof) has impacted our world today?
  6. War is the most obvious impact of lack of love.  All disharmony is from ego.  It squashes love.
    Forgiveness is a great manifestation of love and has the largest personal impact on an individual that I have ever seen.

  7. What is the last extraordinary book you read and what impact did it have on you?
  8. Teachings on Love by Thich Nhat Hahn.  It is a manual that I have used to transcend difficulty in all of my relationships.

  9. From your perspective, what is the most practical way to bringing more love into the world?
  10. One must be willing to set the ego aside and love in the face of rejection, error, failure.  It is the hardest thing to do and the most powerful.

  11. Is there a connection between love and inspiration? Who in your lifetime has inspired you the most?
  12. Absolutely.  In my own life, I am greatly inspired when I am in touch with feelings of love.  Poetry flows, ideas are born.  I find writing and creativity very easy to access.

    The people who inspire me the most love in the truest way, without expectation of reward or recognition.  People like Meme (Mary Margaret) Riordan who taught at San Francisco City College for 36 years and loved her students without ever playing games with them or even looking for recognition that she did love them.  She amazed me.

  13. How do you incorporate love into your business or professional life?
  14. I pray for my clients, future clients, newsletter recipients, collaborators and anyone who is impacted by my presence.  It is a way that I can support them and remind myself of the big picture: truth and love.

    Your Vision: What intrigues you the most about where the world is headed today?

    We have entered a new era.  While it has taken some time, love is beginning to rule.  We will see some struggle against it, yet it will prevail.

    Ego strangles love and creates war, disharmony, borders and boundaries.  While love can be quiet, because those who love seldom use a mega phone, the message is getting louder.

Sarah Anma is a Relationship Mentor who is dedicated to showing people that what they have always dreamed of in love, is possible.  She conducts retreats, workshops, seminars, and provides some individual coaching. She resides in Seattle, WA with her husband, Vj, and their dog, Inji.

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