Incredible Practice for Self-Esteem

Many recent studies find that too many choices cause depression.*  Many yogic masters have said the same thing through the ages.

One of the problems we face today is that we are overstimulated and overwhelmed by the choices that seem to go hand in hand with personal liberty but undermine one of the most spiritual precepts there are: the power of commitment.

I speak with people all the time who are lost in a sea of uncertainty especially in the realm of relationships.  Upon further examination, I find out that more often than not, they have one or both resist commitment or they try to have some sort of open relationship.

The all-you-can-eat buffet style of living robs us of one of the most profound yet simple principles by which we can live.  When we commit to something, it casts aside all other options, which is loathsome to the core in this culture that sees multiple choice as an expression of freedom and liberty.  By staying with someone or something, through tough times and good, we get to experience the richness of life and true intimacy.

It is called “commitment” not “convenience”

What I have found true in relationships goes for all aspects of life: I need to stop mad attempts at tasting, trying, sampling, doing all that I can fit in to a day.  Once I have narrowed down the few important things in front of me, give them my full attention and do them to the best of my ability.

In other words: slow down, pare down, and keep it simple.  Commit to the pared down expectation and sustain the commitment.

When we do this, we shift from instant gratification to the long term happiness and self-esteem that comes from weathering the storm and finding one’s mettle.  By transcending rather than avoiding life’s difficulties, we establish ourselves and feel our birthright to be happy and secure on this planet.

How strange it would seem that a vast number of choices can undermine one’s security.  It makes sense. With so many options vying for our attention, we begin to second-guess our choices, living in a “grass is greener” loop of dissatisfaction.

Your Assignment:

Simplify your life and reduce your troubles. Make a commitment to yourself and keep that commitment and watch your self-worth grow by leaps and bounds.

*You can read more about the studies at these links:

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