How we do one thing is how we do everything

In The Energy of Money, Maria Nemeth discusses the hologram of the self.  This means that how we relate to one thing is repeated over and over in all aspects of our lives.  If we are constricted with money, then we are constricted with time, and love, too.  That was a real blow to me!  I had to take a hard look at where I had been stingy with my time, money, and especially LOVE.  I looked back over my money autobiography and saw that I had always tried to BARGAIN and stretch the rules to conform to my false sense of comfort.  Essentially this was a sense of scarcity or stinginess on which I ran my life.

Years earlier, I had seen where I had established rules of relationships (of all sorts) to be run on my time and my terms.  THAT was a form of stinginess.  Stingy for several reasons. I wanted to see people on my timeline, I took little consideration of other’s time.  More importantly, I was stingy with my vulnerability and therefore, allowed for no intimacy.  Whew!  It has been several years since I realized that and I can still feel the blow that my ego took when I shined the light on that truth!  But the light is so valuable!  In the light, one can make a decision to do something different!  In the light, I learned the true meaning of compromise and how to set both parties up to win.  What a revelation.  In the light, I learned generosity of my time, money, and love.  The journey continues, to be sure, but that is why we are here! To learn, love, and grow.


2 Responses to “How we do one thing is how we do everything”
  1. While this doesn’t surprise me now that I’m thinking about it, Sarah, you’ve framed it in an interesting way that gave me a kind of “Aha” response. Those people to whom I’m most attracted are almost always generous in ALL aspects of their lives, not just one. I hope it is a foundational element that other relationship counselors grasp too. Thank you for sharing your own discovery of this–it makes you more authentic and helps us all work harder on digging up our own blind spots.

  2. This is brilliant! Thank you for writing it.

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