How to Weather the Storm in Any Relationship

When asked, people’s main source of trouble is relating to others.

We often hide this vulnerability behind money problems, but when it comes down to it, what people complain about the most is trouble in a relationship.

The answers are very simple but they can be very tough to implement.  It takes courage, dedication and devotion to the highest good for all.  It also takes a great deal of patience to deal with the ego that consistently tried to rock your boat!

The steps towards weathering any storm is:

  1. Make a sincere decision to weather the storm.  Once you commit to seeing things through NO MATTER WHAT, the Universe takes 10,000 steps toward you to support you.  Add to that your sincere desire to elevate the situation for the best of all involved and you have won the battle (with yourself!).
  2. Relationship success demands being willing to sacrifice some of the ego.  I am reminded of this often; anytime my ego flares up with the need to be right, self-righteousness, or blame.  The Buddhists call that “the mindfulness bell.”  I call it agony.  My threshold for discomfort is now so low, that anytime I am allowing my ego to run amok, I am compelled to do something.  That “something” is generally self-reflection and to take myself less seriously. LIGHTEN-UP!
  3. Know that we never know the big picture.  My mind will tell me that, in order for all to be right in the world, I must get my way.  Experience tells me that in order for there to be harmony in my life, I must help you get what you need.  We never know why someone is where they are.  Our mind might tell us that they ought not be where they are or doing what they are doing, thinking that we know the best for all involved.
  4. Know your needs in any relationship. If it is a work relationship, you need to know things like your work ethic, your values, and your integrity.

This is where commitment comes up again!

This time, it is your commitment to yourself and what matters to you the most.

These steps are the way to more harmony and health in all of your relationships.

Your Assignment:  Take one of the steps and apply it to a relationship that has some constricted energy around it.  I recommend the one that repels you the most!  I you want some help with this topic, we spent an hour class diving into how to practice these steps on the Love and Light Community. Join us and we will support you on your journey!

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