How to Relax the Monkey Mind

How to relax your Moneky Mind

I recently launched a Negative Thought Fast in order to prepare myself for the big transformational day 12.12.12.

My intention was to be clean and clear so I could capitalize on the powerfully magnetic energy of that day, and to do so, I wanted to prepare for a few days.

I was clear that I did not want to be negative and instead, set strong uplifted intentions for my life.

My approach was sweet.  It was based in self-love and lots of compassion.

I used an analogy of a buffet table, where there are generally many items that I don’t eat.  I avoid meat, eggs, wheat, chocolate and dairy.  I don’t blame any of them, nor do I judge myself for not eating them.  There is no need for any sort of resistance energy.

My thoughts can be like approaching a buffet.  If I start to think a negative thought, I can remind myself, “I don’t eat that” and walk past it.  Other times, I found the thought on my “plate” before I realized it.  Once I was conscious of it, I put it back on the buffet table.

Sometimes, I found that I had eaten some of the negative thought before being conscious of it!  When that happened, I gently paused, and put the rest of the cheese danish back on the table!

It was surprisingly easy, once I had made up my mind to do the fast. I nourished myself with all sorts of nourishing thoughts rather than forcing myself into thinking one particular way.

In all there was a lot of ease and grace around the process.

Until there wasn’t.

I had an episode where I went there.  I went into negativity, blame, and victimhood.  It was extremely uncomfortable.  There was a difference though.  I allowed myself to do it without a lot of resisting.  I find that the resisting energy is like gasoline on the fire and causes more suffering than the original feeling or thought.

During my spell, I acknowledged my humanity.  I allowed myself to feel feelings that were uncomfortable and I loved myself anyway.

The self-love neutralized the pain and allowed it to flow through rather than stay stuck inside of me until a later and unrelated event!

I find that self-love is always the answer.  It doesn’t matter what is going on outside in the world, or how other people are acting.  If I am solid and stable, I can handle it with clarity, fortitude, humanity, and love.

Your Assignment: What can you do to love yourself today?  Can you allow yourself to be completely human, warts and all?  Did you know that often the problems evaporate when you allow them to be as they are instead of resisting them?

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