How Bees Can Teach Us About Compassion

A scientific study about bee colonies has helped me shift my way of thinking about the world and her people.
In this study, scientists consistently observed the ten percent of the every population was lazy or mischief making. Time after time, they would remove the “offending” ten percent and of the remaining ninety percent, ten percent would then mutate into lazy, mischief making bees.
The formerly hard working bees would become slackers!
This new perspective shifts from “right” and “wrong” to “we all have our purpose.” Furthermore, at some point, we each occupy the 10% seat. What that means is that sometimes we are the mischief-maker and don’t even know why. Other times we are on the business end of someone’ mischief, but they are playing a societal role to activate what is necessary in the colony or community.
Shifting away from making ourselves or others wrong and into a place of “I wonder what is the bigger picture here?” is a much more humanitarian and less rigid way of being.
John Bradshaw said, “Rigidity is a form of mental illness.”
When I can step back from judging something as good or bad and accept it as it is, then there is space and breathing room for the bigger picture to unfold.
Included in this bigger picture is compassion for myself when I make mistakes or mischief. When I access compassion, the whole world benefits!

Your Assignment: Can you allow someone to be a mischief-maker without judging? Can you observe them without getting into drama and perhaps even access some compassion? After all, have you ever done what you accuse them of doing?

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