Happy Valentine’s Day!

Let there be love and light guiding our actions today and every day.  My request to you is to pour all manner of LOVE, truly divine LOVE into your being before you give it elsewhere.

Please take just a moment, right here and now to take a deep breath and put your hands on your heart center (center of your chest).  Feel the tingle of light beneath your hands and observe as it expands under your hands as you deepn your breath.  Now close your eyes and take 3 more deep breaths expanding that love and light beyond your chest, your body, and the room.

When you open your eyes, say something nice and loving to yourself.  It can be something like “I love you” or “You deserve this love” or “Thank you for being you.”

Going out into the rest of your day, week, month, and year you can return back to this vast place of love and relaxation.

Let me know how it went


One Response to “Happy Valentine’s Day!”
  1. suresh says:

    Anything is valuable only in two situation . First-before getting it! Second-After loosing it. In between we dont realise the value…

    suresh- (Kerala)India

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