Happy Valentine’s Day! What does it mean to you?

The reminder of love is always welcome, but many people feel pressure to show up for Valentine’s Day one way or another.  The pressure can be from a commercially driven industry that firmly encourages spending money on “just the right gift.”  Alternately, the pressure can come from inside, with compelling voices that insist that you are flawed if you don’t have a partner, or if you don’t get the exact right gift for your beloved.

This Valentine’s Day, let’s return to Love.  Love for one’s self and others.  Years ago, I hosted annual St. Valentine’s potlucks so that we could come together as a community in love.  We’d make heart shaped cakes and sweets, if we wanted to, and simply celebrate in a low-key way.

I recently heard about a couple that does something similar: they invite friends and family over to spread love to one another, including the community in their marriage.

Gay Hendricks practices the art of “loving the unlovable” his approach is:  “find a couple of as-yet-unloved aspects of myself and love the heck out of them”!  Isn’t that a beautiful way to be one’s own Valentine.

These suggestions shift us into giving rather than taking mode.  When we get caught up in “doing it right,” we are looking for approval or perfection.  This often has to do with managing our image.  In the end, it feels terrible because it lacks the true spirit of unconditional love.

When we increase breathing room into the process of expressing love, we are then able to give without expectation.  The energy around that is so much more vibrant and expands the love ripple into the world!  Your love creates more love in an unending wave of beauty.  Thank you!

Your Turn:

Can you give yourself and others a break on nailing St. Valentine’s Day this year?  Can you allow yourself and others to express love in a way that has breathing room and ease?  In what small way will you expand the amount of love in the universe?

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