Grace and Orange Juice

Orange JuiceMy husband, Vj, says that people are like oranges. When you squeeze an orange, you get orange juice.  What comes out is one’s essence.  Similarly, when humans are squeezed or put under pressure, the essence is revealed.

We have many opportunities to work on ourselves.  We may pride ourselves on coming a long way down the growth path.  When we are put under pressure, we really get to see how well our new habits stick!

This week, I have faced challenges that I did not foresee.  In packing up our home to move to San Francisco, I met with a resistance that surprised me.  Purging is something that I look forward to, but I found when sorting through some unfinished projects that I experienced emotions.  My rational mind tried to intellectually tell me that there was nothing about which I ought to be emotional.  However, fears and emotions make no sense so trying to intellectualize emotions does not work!

When under pressure, I need to use my words.  I was able to tell Vj that I was tender hearted.  He knows how to handle me in that state because in times of harmony we made agreements on what serves both of our needs.

Also, I used one of the tools that I teach: I used restraint—rather than repression—to remove myself from making mischief until I was fit for human consumption.

While I was not absolved of my human experience of feeling discomfort, I did no damage.  I was able to communicate during the time of tension and refrain from stirring things up unnecessarily.  The old habits of negative thinking cropped up: and instead of riding that crazy train, I told Vj some of the ways that he has made me feel appreciated lately.

Your Assignment:

What commitment do you have to making mischief or harmony?  Can your ego take the backseat the next time you feel internal pressure?  Do you have tools available and agreements in place that you established during times of harmony?  What do you need in order to make that possible?

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