Give me Dignity or give me a living death!

Zombie HandRecently, someone I don’t know very well but respect cared enough for me to tell me the truth.

She is someone that I earnestly want to spend time with and my actions had shown her otherwise.

The truth stung a bit, I must admit.  I reviewed my memory and wanted very desperately to defend my position. She would have none of it.  In my mind, I had followed all propriety and then I realized:  I had not met her standards. Well, the monkey mind wanted to keep defending my position but I kept asking my highest self why I still felt uncomfortable.

Then it hit me hard: I had allowed my standards to get shabby.  While I had acted within propriety of my old way of being, that way allowed for too much fluff and non-commitment!  Imagine what a blow that was to my ego!  I write about the power of commitment all the time.

It just goes to show you that there is always room for improvement!

So, once I embraced this new gift of perspective and made the decision to up my levels of commitment, I then held two more people to a higher standard.

My new friend did something that is rare: she had the courage to tell me the truth which woke me up and got me back on track with my dignity.  In turn, I was able to tell the truth to two more folks (with love in my heart) and I know at least one of them had a similar positive effect.

I speak about giving others the dignity of their own experience, which includes not meddling in their business.  In this case, she gave me my dignity by speaking the truth and holding me to a higher standard.

Your Assignment: Are you tolerating sloppy or non-committal behavior and just letting it slide by?  Are you also participating in this slippery way of being?  If so, how is it serving you or others?

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