Gasoline on the Drama Fire

Gas on the fire

We are fed a ton of doom and gloom in our society.  It brings us together, often against a common enemy.  It also draws us apart as separate: we compare ourselves to others, so grateful that we are not them.  Drama makes for entertainment and “good copy” as they say in our media outlets.

I have found during my travels that there are many ways that I can remove myself from drama.

  1. I find that my response is absolutely key.  If someone tells me bad news, I can add to the emotionalism and gasp and gushingly tell them how sorry I am.  In my experience, this is taking someone else’s drama and making it my own.
  2. If someone, an acquaintance,  client,  or someone I am scheduled to meet has their own emergency, I do not need to stop my day and be hurled off track.  A simple email with proposed new dates is sufficient.  I need not get into the hurriedness of voice mails back and forth.
  3. When I witness something dramatic, I can ask myself, “How can I be of use in this situation.”  On the morning of Sept 11, 2001, I realized that I could go into work and create a soft place for people to land.  I was able to provide some love and smiles for people who were sent home from work but needed to be in a public and safe place.  It was a tiny role that I played but was huge.  I later learned about others who stayed in bed for a week.

When drama occurs around me, I do my best to remain neutral and act as a witness.  We all have drama.  I know who to call when I have my own.  The response that I need is balanced, warm, but solution oriented.  I am lucky to have people in my life that will not add gasoline to my drama fire!

Your Assignment:

Review how you would act if someone came to you with their troubling news.  DO you react, or can you neutrally be there for them as a witness?  Are there ways that you can reduce the amount of gasoline that you contribute to the drama fire?

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