Forgiving Your Past

The more that we can see that “The Other Person is YOU” the more free we are to be compassionate and know that we are capable of great harm and great good.  I used to get so annoyed when I would get cut of by drivers until I really got to see that I can sometimes drive like a lunatic, too!  I can expand that awareness to people who have harmed me and know that they were doing the best they could with the tools that they had, just like me.  Sometimes we act ungracefully, unskillfully, and harmfully.  If I emit compassion towards the one that harmed me especially if it is in the PAST, they lose the power to unnerve me in the present and future.  Consequently, I forgive myself as an added benefit!  Just for today, can you rewrite history where the villain is the hero or at least a sympathetic character?  Want more info on how to do it?  Check the Single’s Page.


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  1. Brian Meeks says:

    Nice post.  I like the design of your site too.

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