Forgive Yourself After Breakup

Forgiveness is a recurring topic in matters of the heart.  Whether we are in a relationship or not, we all can use more practice in this department.  Today, I write to the brokenhearted.  In past newsletters, I have written an awfully lot about forgiving the other person.  Today, I have an exercise for YOU.write me and let me know how it went for you When reflecting on your break up: Forgive yourself for not doing enough, doing too much, not being _____ enough, or whatever the barker is barking about.  Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you are sorry in the language that you need to hear. Then, thank yourself for being willing to take risks of the heart and get back in the game. As you know, I love to hear from you.  When you try this, please


2 Responses to “Forgive Yourself After Breakup”
  1. Women tend to be more vulnerable to guilt trips when a relational breakdown takes place.
    Coach Theresa Ip Froehlich

  2. Funny, I was just writing about self-forgiveness and self-love in this book I am slaving over that is a follow-up to Love in 90 Days. I really think that this process of self-caring and healing is so critical to creating a great love relationship.

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