Feeling a little squirrely?

I often hear from people that just when they get into the flow and are feeling really powerful, something happens that seems to derail them.

They may intellectually know that they are given an present opportunity to stretch out of the comfort zone will eventually benefit them.  However, in the middle of it can feel pretty terrible.

The kind of people that I surround myself with are always seeking the fully expressed life.  So how do we all handle the internal and external challenges?

One approach that I use is a tenacious commitment to my goal.  In our marriage, Vj and I hold unified commitment as our highest shared value.  That means that whatever happens, we will work it out as a team and fairly.  No back doors and no playing dirty.

Another approach is a deep desire to stay focused on the big picture.  There was a time when Vj, had some pretty hard external hits in business.  I said to him, “I am sorry that things aren’t easier for you.”

His response, “I didn’t ask for an easy life, I want the full human experience!”

Sometimes when we are in the middle of the big squeeze, it can be hard to keep our eyes on the prize.  When we are feeling emotionally challenged it is harder to connect with others and with our joie de vivre.  It can be a scary place to be, especially when it is dressed up so convincingly as “reality.”

A third approach is to shift perspective whenever necessary.  I love the metaphor my friend Fiona Moore uses: Fear (or discomfort) is simply resistance.  It is like the resistance that we feel when we do yoga and we are stretching our muscles to become longer.  The fear is an indication that we are coming into a bigger version of the Self.

Your Turn:

In moments of heightened emotional states, could you use a tenacious commitment to your goal?  What about focusing on the big picture or shifting your perspective?  What would you need to make that happen?  Set yourself up to win with whatever support systems you need to glide through the turbulent spots.

Let me know how it goes!  I am rooting for you!

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