Fake Giving vs. True Giving

Too often we are acting under the guise of giving of ourselves when really, it is a tool of distraction. We “give” to others in order to control them or the situation.
When we “give” from an empty tank, we are acting in a way that distracts us from experiencing life as it is in the moment. Perhaps we are denying a feeling or a circumstance. Whatever it is, it is inauthentic and really painful for all involved.
Other reasons for giving are: to manipulate others into thinking of us a certain way or to get people to give us something that we think we need and aren’t able to ask for it outright or, even sadder, don’t believe that we merit it.
Too often we contort ourselves and manipulate others in order to get attention and affection. When we are “giving” from that place, it is a business agreement, not love. We are bargaining for position or security. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH LOVE.
One major aspect of love is that you can give it without expectation or seeking reward. When was the last time that you saw an example of that? When was the last time that you gave in that way?

YOUR ASSIGNMENT: Go to someone with the intention of just loving them up NO MATTER WHAT. Give them so much love that you can’t even believe that much exists in you! Let it flow with no concern about whether or not they receive it, what your benefits will be, or any other expectation of outcome. You are a master and can give love freely and without harming yourself.
EXTRA CREDIT: Try this with someone who really challenges you! And as always, let me know how it goes.

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