Easy and Profound Tools for Transcending an Argument or Conflict

In this human form, we are set up for conflict.  Yes, we are spiritual beings having this human experience, however, sometimes it is really easy to get stuck in the human failings mire.

I have found that it is easy to go from 1 to 60 on the emotional scale very quickly.  Our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to transcend the knee jerk reactions and respond from a more equanimous state.

I have learned and cultivated several tools over the years which allow me to do just that!  As we transition into a season that can sometimes be more stressful than others (although, it isn’t necessary), here are a few things that you might find helpful.

1.     Do not assume that simply because you have told someone something that they a. remember it or b. understand it.  It what you have to impart is important for someone else to ‘”get” you may ask them for their attention, let them know that it is important that they understand your meaning, and you can even ask them to reflect back what they heard.

2.     If a situation does escalate, we can always back down, breathe and remind ourselves that we can be right or happy, but not both. I love being right but I prefer being happy!

3.     Give everyone a wide berth.  What that means is that this is a great time to Pre-forgive.  Everyone.  When we Pre-forgive, Christmas shopping is joyful, traffic is a breeze, and our loved-ones are more endearing than frustrating.

The last item, Pre-forgiving requires a little humility.  The good news is that when practiced regularly, it breeds more humility.  This practice is great preventative medicine.  All kinds of mischief can be hindered!

Your Assignment:

What small sacrifice can you make today in the name of harmony?  Can you give up your “rights” in order that all around you flourish? While taking care of yourself, can you also be an even greater force for good?

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