Do you Doubt Yourself?

Let’s face it; we are very poorly trained in matters of love.

My parents’ generation (the Baby Boomers) grew up with images of Ozzie and Harriet and could not relate to them.  That hippy generation threw out their parents’ rules in response to seeing stifling marriages and unhappy commitments.

These freedom-loving folks had the space to create a new way but had no one to mentor them in the art of love and relating.  So while they were freer, they had no tools to replace what they had rejected.

As a kid, out of all of the families I knew growing up (in the hundreds throughout school), I knew of only two families that had parents that remained married and they were not necessarily happy.

My generation has also been sold a bill of goods about having it all and being it all.  Then, when we have trouble finding a lasting relationship, or relating to our mate, we can spiral into a vortex of self-doubt that disempowers ourselves and those around us.

Also, with so many choices, many of us we become insecure and overwhelmed.

I hear all the time, “I am a great person, why can’t I find someone?”  Additionally, really nice and well-meaning people are getting divorced all over the place.

Our training for relating stinks and yet because we think that since love is natural, it should also be easy.

Love and relating are not yet taught in schools.  Neither is compassionate conflict resolution skill. *

This is to our detriment and leaves many of us scratching our heads wondering what is wrong with us.  I lived there for a long time.  I faced that same hopelessness that so many do and was on the verge of taking a vow of celibacy when I met my future husband.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  We can learn to trust our intuition.  We can get clear on who we are (rather than who we feel we are expected to be), what we need, and how to express it in a way that empowers all parties.

The first step is Self Love.

Your Assignment:

Take a moment to get quiet with your eyes closed.  As you breathe softly, tune into the love that I already have for you.  Notice any resistance that you have toward that notion.  Keep walking toward the idea that I am sending prayers of support directly to you, knowing that you are a beautiful and divine being, capable of love and being loved, and have all the resources that you need to make that happen.  Breathe into any resistance that you may feel and allow the clamp to come off of the hose to let love flow in, around, and over you.  Give yourself a vacation from self-doubt and reside in self-love.

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