I was out the other night and met some married women who all had babies under one year old.

One woman asked me, with a hint of desperation, “What are the top five tips that you give to couples?”

“Date Night is a MUST.”

“What, like once a month?”


Her face was one of shock.  Yes, I know it is really hard find new balance after having a baby, especially the first child.  Everything changes, however, it is truly important to create and maintain the habit of taking time out for just the two of you.

You can broaden your image of date night and start with where you are. In the beginning, it might look like a short living room floor picnic when baby is sleeping.  It could be a walk while a neighbor or relative watches baby.  For others, the opportunities are endless.

Taking the time to connect on your primary relationship has a HUGE return on investment.  While it might seem inconvenient, it is like taking vitamins for your relationship.  Avoiding closeness-time and coziness leads to having to take relationship aspirin.  Wouldn’t you rather prevent the pain rather than treat it later?

Couples, movies are a distraction.  Spend the time during date night to really connect and make an effort to hear each other very deeply

If you are single, create the space by having a determined time/day of the week when you go and have some FUN and connect with whatever it is that fills your tanks.

When you do things that are loving toward yourself, you are creating a habit of receiving love.  Like attracts like.  If love is flowing toward you (from you or your friends), then it will flow easier from a potential mate.  And that mate will also be more loving toward himself or herself. LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE.  Create the atmosphere of love and watch yourself become a love magnet!

I am conducting a class for loving and committed couples and want to be certain that I address your needs.  Please send your questions to


  1. Kristin says:

    I couldn’t agree more!! My husband and I have been having a weekly date night for the last 8 years. It’s where we get to ‘date’ each other and ‘be’ with each other. I look forward to our time together every Thursday.

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